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What are the admission requirements for the program?

A high school diploma or equivalent is highly recommended to ensure you are successful in the program. If you are 18 years old or older and do not have a high school diploma, we suggest you apply as a mature student and write an entrance exam. You also need the ability to read, write, and converse fluently in English.

What are the benefits of completing this travel agent program?

On successful completion of the complete Travel Counsellor Certificate Program you will received the Algonquin Travel School Certificate and be ready to begin a new career in the travel industry! According to the ACTA website, as a graduate of an ACTA endorsed program you will receive the following benefits:

  • Reduced Knowledge Examination fees.
  • Reduced fees to enroll in the Certification Program.
  • Participation in Knowledge exams may take place immediately upon completion of your travel program – you don’t have to wait for the twice-a-year sittings that non-Endorsed travel program graduates attend.
  • Employers look for graduates from Endorsed Programs because they know the minimum industry standards have been met and the graduate comes with what amounts to a “Quality Assurance Tag”.
  • Complimentary Knowledge Exam Prep Materials

How do I access the online travel course materials?

Each module is accessed using a website address and password provided to you by the School.

How do I progress through the program?

Each module includes detailed instructions to guide you to the appropriate reading material and the related learning exercises. The instructions also provide information about how to proceed through the module and what to do once you are finished.

How long is the travel agent program?

The modules are designed to be taken in sequence at approximately one month intervals, so the program should be completed within one calendar year. You may prefer to “fast-track” and complete the program more quickly.

What textbooks or resources do I need?

The tuition fees include all the required textbooks and learning resources you will need to complete the program or the selected modules which you are taking.

While much of the material is provided online, textbooks are still an important part of many modules. *The necessary textbooks will be sent to you by mail once you have completed the registration process. The following is a list of all the textbooks included in the full Travel Counsellor Certificate program:

Professional Travel Counselling (5th Edition, 2011) – Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors
Destination Geography – Volume 1 Western Hemisphere 4th Edition 2008
Destination Geography – Volume 2 Eastern Hemisphere 4th Edition 2008
Essential Sales Skills – Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors – 1998

Do I have to register for the complete travel agent certificate program or can I just register for the modules that I want to take?

You may enrol in the Travel Counsellor Complete Certificate Program (all 10 modules) or only the individual modules you choose. (Note: If enrolling in the full program at the beginning, the total fee is $3,700 – a savings of $1,000 from the individual module payment method of $4,700)

Will I have to pay the entire fee at the beginning of the program?

If you enroll in the full program at the beginning, the total fee is $3,700 – a savings of $1,000 from the individual module cost of $4,700.

Monthly payments of $312 for the first month, then 11 payments of $308 each are the normal payment plan. This includes the cost of required textbooks.

What payment methods are available?

Fees may be paid by cash, cheque, money order, wire, VISA, MasterCard or Interac.

I have never taken an online course. Will I be able to handle this?

A high level of computer expertise is not required, as links are provided throughout the materials to guide you from one “page” to the next.

What technology is required?

You will need a computer with internet access. You do not need high-speed internet (even dial-up is adequate), but it will be helpful if you have a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to practice your responses to the exercise questions. You will need Adobe Reader (which is free) as many of the supplementary course materials will require it.

Will I be tested?

Our goal is to ensure you have plenty of opportunities to assess your progress throughout the program. Accordingly, there are a variety of learning exercises for self-assessment as well as several graded tests throughout the program. These generally consist of a combination of true/false, multiple choice, case study, short answer and short essay questions. Once you have completed a learning exercise, you can review the answer key provided to assess your comprehension of the material.

Each program module has an end of module test. There are also three midterm exams spaced throughout the program as well as comprehensive final exam. The materials covered for each of these is as follows:

Midterm 1 – Modules 1, 2, 3
Midterm 2 – Modules 4, 5, 6
Midterm 3 – Modules 7,8,9,10
Comprehensive Final Exam- Covers all 10 Modules

All module tests, midterms and the final examination are password protected. When you are ready, you may request the access password from your instructor by email. Once you have received the password you are required to complete and submit the test within 48 hours. Each test has a two hour time limit which is controlled by a countdown clock on your screen.

Once complete, your tests are submitted online through the testing site and are sent directly to your instructor, who will provide you with your test results and any feedback.

These tests are designed to reinforce what you have learned from the lessons and to help you build your confidence as you progress through the program.

How will I be supported?

Once you have registered, you will be provided with contact information for your instructor and other program support staff who will be available to you during your studies. During your studies, they will be available by e-mail to assist you or answer any questions you may have related to the program materials or the online learning environment.

Are there other online resources that might help me make a decision about this program?

These links may be useful in helping make a decision about your career in the travel industry: